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   The Bed Bug Spray

- I can't even say how happy I am I found this product. I have used about 25 different kinds, and this is the only one that actually works. Even better than the professional exterminators!!   Really, honestly it is.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I highly recommend this...

     – aki******2 (Canada) Nov. 2021 -Ebay

- Good stuff.    – sa****2 (VA) Nov. 2021 Ebay

- Great, it works amazingly good and effective , and the fragrance is wonderful..   – S.Em***h (Canada) Nov. 2021 -Etsy

- - Works great fast shipping.    – bu*****9    (AL) Oct. 2021  Ebay fb

- Best product to rid bedbugs once and for all! Combined with a cleaning regimen.   – dor***-0   (OH) Oct. 2021


- I absolutely love this product. After fighting bed bugs for about five years, I finally found something that works. – CFJ   (Canada) Oct. 2021

- 5 days/nights -Significant IMPROVEMENT to report. Love it. AAAA+++!    - P. K.   (CA) Jan. 2021

- I have to get more from you in the future -- infestation has been REDUCED - C U does work, but it will take some time -- the bugs are hard to exterminate.   – ic****t (K.) email   (CA) Feb. 2021

- It really works.    - roc****6   (OK) Jul. 2021

- Last bottle kept them away for a whole year - great stuff, safe too, no harsh fumes just a pleasant citrus smell, thnx again. – dc***e   (NJ) Aug. 2021

- Great product and I will use this as a maintenance going forward. How come you have not got this in the stores as of yet?   - D. J. Etsy e-mail   (Canada) 08/26/21

- GOOD STUFF!!     - be****12   (WV) Aug. 2021

- I am very pleased with your product. We have been fighting bedbugs for about a year now and find that your product works the best of all we have tried. Thanks for your product and it smells nice and fresh.    - S. C. Etsy e-mail 08/15/21

-- Excellent product, price, shipping.     - Larry G. (CA) Jul. 2021

- Good product.    -Anne S. (KY) Jul. 2021

- Worked.       -John H. (OH) Jun. 2021

- Great product...Will purchase from this seller again!!!!       -RK (MI) Mar. 2021

- Works!       -Michelle P. (IL) Feb. 2021

- Great buy works great. Will do business again.       -Dennis W. (PA) Jan. 2021

- Seems to be working - spraying everyday -thinking about purchasing one more bottle -as people say, it takes diligence to get rid of them.             -Theresa T. (NY) Apr. 2021

- … infestation has REDUCED .. CU does work, but it will take some time -- the bugs are hard to exterminate… - Paul K. email (CA) Feb. 2021

-…can not thank u enough. Your product works wonders …. no more bed bugs. I am re-ordering for a friend in need of this product. Will continue to tell people about the wonderful product that rescued me from Bed Bug infestation.

-E-mail New message from  flor***s-0       (MD) Nov. 23,20

- Works great. – hor*****10     (IA) Oct. 2020

- Nice Price, good product, sent quickly.    – sur******re (NE) Oct. 2020

- …stuff works great. – monst*****ons (CA) Sep. 2020

- I have reordered this product and love it. – an****701 ( HI) Aug. 2020 - email

- Good product. – m*****1 (TN) Aug 2020

- After three weeks, no trace of bed bugs. Like the citrus smell. Thanks. – ra****e15 ( CT) Aug. 2020

- It works well, and it's the only one I've found that does. – g****n2 ( OH) July 2020 -email

- This stuff works great! Super fast delivery. Thank you. – 29*********n (KS) July 2020

- Thank you. This is a great product. So glad I found it. – gr****0 ( WV) June 2020 email

- Thank you so much Tony! Just like "Tony the're Grrrreat!!! - la****xq ( ME) June 2020 email

- The best of all. Don't over dillute it for better results. 5 stars!!! - ka*****1 ( MA) June 2020

- Product seems to work well. – ni*******7 ( ND) June 2020

- Works good. – w******34 (OH) June 2020

- Wow A+A+A+A+A+A+A+ - wa***lf ( OK) June 2020

Great seller....will buy again. - nu**********4 ( FL) June 2020

- Nice Price, good product, sent quickly. – s**************re (NE) May 2020

- We always use it for rental homes are homes, it works 3 treatments a year. – b***ne (MI) May 202

- Thank you /did my own research  and yes it worked efficiently. – kr*************h (RI) Apr. 2020

- This is a great product it really works and it's safe to use all over the house. – re*****10 (MO) Apr. 2020

-Really good stuff. I over looked this but it works. Love the lemon fragrance. – fa*****-0 (MA) Apr. 2020
- Awesome: Ordering more. -2************in (KS) Apr. 2020

- I bought this product a couple weeks ago. I have to say it's the best thing I've ever purchased for bed bugs! I've had a problem with them for a while now but after 2 uses of this product, NO BED BUGS!!! I'm super thankful I purchased this. I've bought so many other products that haven’t done a thing but this was AMAZING!! Thank u so much for this product!! CU is the BEST!                        - ca*******91           (WV) Mar. 2020 eBay email reply

- Good product.     - ha****07     ( CT) Mar. 2020 on eBay

- I really like this stuff. It has a nice smell and it is doing the job. I would recommend this to anyone, as long as you use it by the directions. Susan *** (VA) Mar. 2020 on Etsy

- Great stuff that works!     - as*******rn     (KS) Mar. 2020 on eBay

  - I’ve ordered before and love this stuff. No more bugs. I feel more at peace using every so often to prevent them.

You provide an amazing product that I feel safe using in my home. The world thanks you.      -ch***u    (AL)      Feb. 2020

- I tried everything..harris, deconn, this is the more bedbugs.      -q*****82       (GA)     Jan. 2020

- *** Gr8 seller **Fast ship * Item as described✔ *Happy customer…….. !!!        -ph*****0        (LA)        Dec. 2019

- Got to be the best seller on eBay guaranteed -recommend him - great product.      -s***58      (NY)      Dec. 2019

- Very good product fast delivery.      -gh******2      (OH)      Nov. 2019

- Exactly what I needed.      -36*****1      (MI)      Nov. 2019

- It works & very handy, just keep spraying around bed before bed everyday.      -jo********ts        (NC)      Nov. 2019

- Very , very good!!!! Thanks:      - il******at          (Israel)        Nov. 2019

- PRODUCT WORKS GREAT.      – gf*****9        (OH)       Nov. 2019

- Thank you!  Awesome product!   Lightening shipping!!!             - e********nt         (AZ) Nov. 2019

-GREAT PRODUCT -FAST SHIPPING  -THANK YOU        - 20*****1     (SC) Nov. 2019

- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!          - ja******5         (KY)     Nov. 2019

- Excllent product.       - us****ip        (OH) Nov. 2019

- Love your product.        - 2***1       (SC) Nov. 2019

- Great product.      - sh***e61      (IL) Oct. 2019

- Great seller... good communication will buy again thank you.    -  nu*******4      (FL) Oct. 2019

- Good item. So far it works great. About two weeks.    - st*****0      (ID) Oct. 2019

- Yes it did great , thank you for ur products,, save my house and money.    [e-mail message]      - j*****-0     (MA) Oct. 2019

- Most important thing: IT WORKS! It smells great...DID I MENTION IT WORKS!!!    - f*****r    (TX) Oct. 2019

- Works better than any we've used. [e-mail message]    - s*****e (MI)     Oct. 2019

- Great seller... good communication will buy again thank you.      - nu*****4     (FL) Oct. 2019

- Good item. So far it works great. About two weeks.    - st*****0       (ID) Oct. 2019

- Yes it did great ,, thank you for ur products,, save my house and money.             [e-mail message]     - j*****-0 (MA)  Oct. 2019

Most important thing: IT WORKS! It smells great...DID I MENTION IT WORKS!!!        -  f*****r    (TX) Oct. 2019

- Works better than any we've used.                  [e-mail message]      - s*****e (MI) Oct. 2019


- Fast shipping good item.       -to*******s        (PA) Aug. 2019

- Great product. Sincerely, T.       - tr********5     (NC) Aug. 2019

- The product as described,fast delivery, thanks.          -gr*******7          (NY) Aug. 2019

- GOOD PRODUCT WORKS FAST        -gf******9        (OH) August 2019

- great works like a dream.         - r*************n                 (MA) August 2019

- Great deal! Fast ship! Very happy customer! Recommend!         - p****0     (LA) August 2019

-Worked better than the others.       - my******il       (OK)     Aug. 2019

- great as expected.      om*****b        (MN)      Aug. 2019

- THIS STUFF WORKS REALY GOOD.                -  g******9          (OH)            Aug. 2019

- Thank you again. Using it and make sure that it does not come back! Smells good.           -   su******s         (TX)        Aug. 2019

- Nice Price, good product, sent quickly.           -  sur************e            (NE)             Aug. 2019

- Excellent shipping speed! Great seller communication. Only product that works!       -   do*****0              (OH)            July 2019

- Your product is amazing!!             -  De********as              (NY)              07/25/2019

- Great seller would buy from again.               -s******7                 (KY)             06/13/19

- So far so Good.  1 application used.  Will do another treatment or two.            -sp*******3            (MI) 06/12/19

  - "I just wanted you to know that this spray SAVED MY LIFE. We had been battling bed bugs for over 8 months when we ordered your spray and …. we are now bug-free. … it killed all the creepy crawlers in my house. I’m so thankful and grateful for your product. Now we are able to … start living a normal life again. … thank you so so much…and God bless you.     -k*****20              (NC) 06/02/2019

-  "I bought your smaller 0 .5 gallon size, works amazing ...I am going to be ordering the gallon size this week... this stuff works great"

        co******18   (NY)  05/28/2019

-  'Wonderful!   After weeks of fighting bed bugs, this actually worked!"     tr*********5,  TX    05/23/19

- ...." Yes, it works well."      M. A***n    (IA)   04/22/19

 "...I have already purchased [this before] is the only product that really works. I have tried numerous products and this one is the only one that really does what it said it would do...Thank you! "            -m*******05, TN   01/29/19

  "love this product"      -Darline, Wichita, KS   01/20/19

 "I had good luck with this product..."                    - p******06      10/30/18 e-mail


 - I bought for my sister P***a and she swears by it.....       - h-*****8    10/03/2018

- Your product took several days to rid enough bedbugs to allow me to sleep, but did exactly what you said it would do.  ....sp*****y1  09/23/18

- Very good stuff; "tried Bed Bug B****   ... [costing more/did'nt work] .... "like CU!, one time and saw a difference]."     .....jr**92  Ebay  06/13/98


- - I like that the spray actually works… sprayed where I found bedbugs. I’m ordering 2 more bottles to spray entire apartment … well worth it. T******on (CT) Nov. 2017

- Awesome product it really resolved my problem with the bedbugs,  Now ... free of bedbugs and I really can sleep at night.  .....63******io

- Tried on live specimens.. compared to other products, I see them die within a minute or two, other products more toxic I tried on and it took sometimes 2 or 3 days do die. ... have not seen any for a while but I will keep doing it for the next few months or so till I think they are totally eleminated. ...sleeping better. ... very effective so far.  .......... je*******12

- Thanks it really did the trick it kills all kinda bugs.*******01

- This stuff is Amazing!!!!     ..................    jm*********air

  - Seems more effective so far in testing compared to other products................   jer******2

 -  I love this stuff and feel that I will need some more.....It works very well ..............    j******er  

 - Very good stuff, tried bed ****** cost more but doesn't work like this, one time and saw a difference.......j*****92

- We used - it works great..... Thanks.......r*****ov 

 - I love this stuff … It works very well ……..JT**r

- This spray worked well for me.... and have not had any bites since. Like that it is non toxic. I will get another supply soon just to maintain my freedom from these bugs. Thank you.    -don******0

- I am loving not seeing any bugs so far so good. I will recommend your product to everyone I know whom might have problems with these bugs.   -Ju*****ing

- Excellent product. Really works!   -be****62

I've purchased from you before,and the product worked.   -de*****kl

Thanks for making this available! Last time I ordered this, it very nearly wiped the infestation out. Unfortunately, I didn't follow up in time and they have resurfaced.   -ta*******rds

One of the best products I've used so far.  Will buy more from you. -thanks    -67*****e8

Thanks for letting me know how to use this product. I do believe it can produce better  results than the leading brands. I know from my judgement I made a better choice with this item.  -ed*****se

Works very well.  Will order again.  -ju****se

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your product with the world! It really is the only thing that helped us. We were exhausted financially, physically and mentally from those little pests. It will soon be a year since we first purchased your product. Still do every now and then in fact planning on an order the first of the year. We have not had any more problems with the bb's but it is more of an insurance for my peace of mind to keep using it!   -c*****cu

Its a very nice product,i will be ordering again shortly.  -de*****rkl

Working great.  -bks***58

I have ordered it before /yes its doing its job stuff I have used ...I have used other bed bug killers but have not worked.  -sp*****dit


Love the smell of this product. Used over one week ago have seen a decline in activity almost immediately.  -fa***31

I used the spray and i haven't seen any since     -kev****84

...your product seems to be working. I haven’t gotten bitten and haven’t seen any more [bed bugs].  -Chris C.

Simply an amazing product hands down. Worth the small investment of $35 dollars 3 times over. Works in minutes with lasting results for days.   -mist******e123

Excellllleeennnttt product!!!!!!!!! We will be ordering moore very soon   -jma*****evair

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