CU  Bug Spray

   The Bed Bug Spray

Health Effects of Bed Bugs:

Bed bug bites leave no visible effects to most people while others may get blisters/ welts / skin rashes /allergic symptoms.
Degree of damage their bites cause on humans depends on their number and on the level of individual reactions. They can cause light to extreme discomfort in their hosts – including insomnia, psychological and emotional trauma, stress, anguish, social embarassment...

Research has shown they can be infected by at least 28 known human pathogens (e.g., HIV, MRSA, hepatitis, etc.).   But as of yet, there’s no evidence nor reports of any person ever becoming infected with any of these pathogens from their bite.

Thus, as of now, they are not known as disease vectors transmitting pathogens to humans.

Further research is warranted on this topic.   In fact, more people have been injured by the chemicals used to exterminate them than have been seriously harmed by the bed bugs themselves. ---SOURCES:  (follow links below)

The advantage of using CU! Bug Spray is that it’s non toxic yet still very effective at ridding these and other pests.

Bed Bug Rash

Photo: bedbugshandbook

Bed Bug Bites on Legs

Photo: bedbugshandbook


Bed Bug Bites on Back


Bed Bug Bites on Face




Great to Exterminate Bed Bugs  &  Other Infestations

*** Using C-U ! Bug Spray on the bed/couch (etc.) and the immediate area around it, including any point of bed contact with floors / walls and any furniture/items around, will create an effective barrier between you and the bugs. The spray’s residue will continually kill them as they come out in search of a meal. Apply a fresh coating of spray daily (1st week) and then gradually less frequently (2 to 3 times a week) until they’re gone.