CU  Bug Spray

   The Bed Bug Spray

CU!  Bug Spray is an excellent product that rids bed bugs safely and efficiently.  It's been used by many to exterminate these pests. 

CU! is a CONCENTRATED formulation of Natural and Non-Toxic ingredients. Simply mix in water and spray infested surfaces. No longer is the need to use products with harmful chemicals to eradicate these and other bugs.

CU Bug Spray kills and rids bed bugs. It is the best way to rid bed bugs. - See Reviews.


Dilute the CONCENTRATE with water to stipulated volume on the bottle. Mix well and fill the spray bottle (not provided).
Apply as a mist spray to all surfaces these bugs crawl on. Since they must feed between molts, spray’s residue will keep killing them as they emerge to feed. This leads to their eventual extermination. Apply a fresh coating daily initially (1st week) and then gradually less frequently (2 to 3 times weekly) until they’re gone. More detailed instructions are included with the product.

The frequency and duration for spraying depends on many factors: extent and degree of infestation, room sizes and quantity of furnishings, potential infestations in adjacent dwellings, reintroduction of more bugs, etc...
End user of this product must evaluate the situation and determine the appropriate spraying regimen. Please follow Instructions and Suggestions enclosed with the product to maximize its effectiveness.

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*** Note: Nobody is free from getting reinfested anew by introduction of new bed bugs. Using CU! periodically is an effective maintenance regimen to prevent future infestations from taking hold; especially in multi-unit dwellings with the infestation.

Please Note: This product does not make the claim that a single time treatment will do the job.
(1) While newly hatched nymphs must feed before each molt (about 5 cycles & each about 1-2 wks apart) to reach adult stage, spray’s residue will be killing them, thus minimizing their numbers from the start.
(2) Adults can hide / survive for months without feeding. Thus spraying must continue for a period long enough to rid them completely.
Time to become bedbug-free depends on extent / degree / source of infestations and in your spraying regimen. Satisfied users of this item have used enough product for a duration long enough to accomplish the job. Please read the instructions and follow the directions to maximize the effectiveness of CU!

CONCENTRATE FORMULATION available in 3 sizes:   








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Great to Exterminate Bed Bugs  &  Other Infestations

*** Using C-U ! Bug Spray is practical, relatively inexpensive, safe, and effective at ridding bed bugs.
No longer is the need to discard your belongings, use potentially toxic agents that fail, or to hire expensive outside help. By using CU! - you can do-it-yourself safely, conveniently, and effectively!