CU  Bug Spray

   The Bed Bug Spray




  Great to Rid Bed Bugs  and  Other Infestations

Many products kill only the bed bugs you can see to spray, and many contain toxins.  

Exterminators are costly and use toxic substances to get rid of them.

Advantages of using CU! Bug Spray

SAFE    -No Toxic Ingredients
INEXPENSIVE    -A bargain compared to other products

    …   and MOST IMPORTANT...    IT WORKS!

- CU keeps killing them as they crawl over its residue.

Many have said CU! being “the best” spray after using many other products.

- CU Bug Spray is a do-it-yourself method to rid bedbugs!!!

- It is a method much safer and cheaper than hiring exterminators to do the job!!!

To learn how to rid bed bugs read more 

About this Product

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