CU !  Bug Spray

          Very Effective Non Toxic  Spray to Rid Bed  Bugs





  CU Bug Spray   CU-bugspray    CUbugspray    The Bed Bug Spray

              Great to Rid Bed Bugs  and  Other Infestations

Other products kill only what you see to spray and many contain toxic chemicals.

Exterminators are costly and use toxic products to rid these pests.

Advantages of using CU! Bug Spray

   SAFE  -   No Toxic Ingredients
   INEXPENSIVE  -   A bargain compared to other products

    … and very important,  IT WORKS!

  - CU’s residue keeps on killing them slowly but for sure.

See the great feedback CU! has been getting on Ebay

    Many have said CU! being “the best” spray after using many other products.